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Program Outline

See the 2019 Presenters here.
You can also view/download the Program as a pdf.
Wednesday 14th August 

Wednesday 14th August 2019

7.30 am
Registration opens
Pick up your conference compendium and name badge.
8.00 am
Official Opening and Welcome
8.30 am
KEYNOTE SPEAKER—Brad Ness OAM, 5 time Para-Olympian, Assistant Coach, Gold medal winner and flag bearer
Anything's possible
9.30 am
Candy Choo, CEO, Local Government Professionals WA
My cautiously optimistic view about the future of local government
10.00–11.00 am
Extended Morning tea
Visit our Exhibitors
11.00 am
Rebecca Singleton, Vitality Works
Safe Spine and the fuzz effect on your muscles
11.30 am
Nick Fox, National AOD Operations Manager, Alcolizer Technology
Alcolizer Technology
11.40 am
Helen Passmore, Executive Director, LO-GO Appointments WA, Qld, and NSW
Health and wellbeing for temporary personnel
11.50 am
Maurice Berger, Business Development Manager, MetroCount
The new RoadPod VT4 4-tube classifier
12.00 pm
Tim Richards, Operations Manager, Richgro Garden Products
Bringing life to the ancient soils that we have in this country
12.30 –2.00 pm
Extended Lunch Break
Plenty of time to visit our Exhibitors.
2.00 pm
Gretchen Lumsden, Institute of Weight and Life Management
What happens to the body if you live with prolonged stress
3.00 pm
External Exhibitor visits
Spruiker—drinks and nibbles supplied outside
7.30 pm
Casino Royale Gambling Evening
Canapés and Drinks throughout the evening.
Dress to impress for our Casino Royale evening.
The one with the most chips at the end of the evening wins a weekend for two at the beautiful Joondalup Resort, courtesy of Joondalup Resort.
Thursday 15th August 

Thursday 15th August 2019

7.30 am
Registration opens
8.00 am
Annual General Meeting—A working breakfast will be served in the Conference room for those attending the AGM.
8.45 am
Darren Hodge, Caterpillar Product Application Specialist – Motor Graders, WesTrac
Using technology as an enabler on graders
9.00 am
KEYNOTE SPEAKER—Sue McDougall, Horticulturist/ABC TV Presenter
P.L.A.N.D—Be the change you want to see
Extended Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area
Visit our Exhibitors.
11.00 am
Renee Wockner, LGIS
Developing workers to look after themselves in four different ways in order to thrive at work
11.30 am
Rodney Thornton, Road Safety Advisor, Wheatbelt South
Is speed the only factor—Road fatalities and serious injuries
12.00 pm
Siva Thillainath and Danny Coleman, Western Stabilisers and Main Roads Great Southern
Stabilising, compaction and sealing techniques
Extended Lunch Break
Plenty of time to visit our Exhibitors.
Russell Woolf, ABC Radio
My adventures in America and what America taught me
3.00 pm
Q & A
A roving microphone will give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding your role within Local Government. Let your peers guide you and offer their advise on any issues you may have, that they might have already had and handled.
3.30 pm
Closing remarks
Arthur Cousins, President, LGSA WA Inc

Conference Convener

Please contact Jude Newberry at ObscureLGSAEmail or on 0414 996 431 for information about the Conference.
DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this website is correct at the time of publication. The Organising Committee and Host Organisation reserve the right to alter or delete items from the Conference. None shall be held liable for any cost or damage arising from any action based on the information herein.
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Tel: 0414 996 431

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