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Program Outline

This year's program will provide presentations on a wide range of subjects.
Wednesday 11 November 

Wednesday 11 November 2020

8.00 am
Registration opens
Pick up your conference compendium and name badge.
8.30 am
Official opening by Mayor Albert Jacob, City of Joondalup
8.45 am
KEYNOTE SPEAKER—Mick Colliss, Writer, author, sport commentator and modern day poet
9.45 am
Natalie Lockwood, Australian Road Research Board (ARRB)
Best practice guidance – infrastructure management and road safety
10.15–11.15 am
Extended Morning tea
Visit our Exhibitors
11.15 am
Garrick Yandle, CEO, Shire of Kulin—Project Technical Director, Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network
Are you ready and able to facilitate these projects?
11.45 am
Tony Hemming, Arena Manager, Optus Stadium
Turf Maintenance 365 Days
12.15 pm
Gretchen Lumsden, Institute of Weight and Life Management
Tips to help you cope with change, loss and grief
Lifestyle choices that can help emotionally
1.15 –2.30 pm
Extended Lunch Break
Plenty of time to visit our Exhibitors.
2.30 pm
Candy Choo, CEO, LG Professionals WA
Workplace Stress – WA Local Government Context
3.00 pm
Garnet Gregory (RMM), Main Roads
Treatment introduced in to MRWA
3.30 –4.30 pm
Drinks will be provided inside and out so that you can mingle with the exhibitors before getting ready for tonight.
7.30 pm
Las Vegas — Casino Evening
Canapés and Drinks throughout the evening.
Don’t forget to dress to impress tonight for our Las Vegas evening.
Prize giveaways—so please make an effort (e.g. Ball gowns or Cocktail dresses for the ladies, Tux or suit and tie, or bow tie, for the gents).


Mick Colliss

Writer, author, sport commentator and modern day poet
Mick Colliss always had a dream of representing Australia in something…...

Mick had originally hoped for success at the sport of rugby but ended up a World Sudoku Champion. He’ll tell us how he got there and how you never give up on your goal.
This is the story of a man who desperately wanted to wear the green and gold and represent Australia. After trying numerous different sports, from rugby to lawn bowls, he finally achieved his dream.
Mick’s is a laugh out loud true story about mateship, having a go and never giving up.

Natalie Lockwood

Australian Road Research Board (ARRB)
Working in the transport sector for over 16 years, Natalie Lockwood holds dual roles as the State Technical Leader, WA and National Programs Manager.

Prior to joining ARRB, Natalie held the role of Network Program Manager for Austroads, on secondment from Main Roads Western Australia. The Program supported agencies to improve freight and network operations, understand and embrace emerging technologies and integrate across transport modes. Natalie introduced a number of engagement initiatives with stakeholders in local, state and federal government, as well as with policy, research and industry bodies in the transport sector.
An experienced Program and Project Manager, Natalie has a proven track record of developing high quality work programs with clients and achieving excellent outcomes in delivery.
Natalie has been a Fellows Council Member for Roads Australia since 2018 and is passionate about collaborative working relationships with stakeholders and the broader consulting community across Australia and New Zealand. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Civil and Construction Engineering (Hons) from Curtin University, a Diploma of Project Management from Engineering Education Australia and is a Fellow of Leadership WA.

Garrick Yandle

CEO, Shire of Kulin
Garrick has held the role of Chief Executive Officer for the Shire of Kulin for the past 18 months and is the Project Technical Director for the Wheatbelt Secondary Freight Network program.

Garrick is a Civil Engineer and Project Manager with 17 years' experience applying a broad range of organisational management and leadership, engineering and technical skills to deliver various infrastructure projects working across the civil, construction, transport, mining, property and buildings, water and environmental disciplines.
He has experience with organisational leadership spanning the public, private and mining sectors to deliver projects to meet proponent requirements.

Tony Hemming

Arena Manager, Optus Stadium
Tony Hemming has spent a life time working and living in stadiums.

He holds a Dip Hort. STM and commenced his working career at the MCG. He is an International Agronomist and who has Designed, Constructed and has completed many start up Turf management teams of multi purpose stadiums for the Perth stadium HG Turf Group, ICC Academy and Dubai International stadium DSC and Al Wakrah Stadium Qatar for AECOM.
As the ICC Academy Head curator, Dubai he consulted & educated in the Middle East Including PCB, Pakistan and BCCI, India. He researched dust fall out, stadia shade and grass species within the Middle East conditions.
He’s inventor of a hybrid cricket pitch that has been installed at the ICC Academy, High-performance Centre Brisbane.
Tony has been a guest speaker at European Stadia Safety Managers Association (ESSMA) speaking at Barcelona FC and many turf conferences.

Gretchen Lumsden R.N. Dip. Educ.

Institute of Weight and Life management
Gretchen has 40 years experience in the health industry.
She is a registered nurse who brings up-to-date clinical information to you with practical help for attendees.
Gretchen’s sessions are entertaining, lively and packed with powerful information to save lives and ensure a healthy workforce. Gretchen is in demand across Australia achieving remarkable health and lifestyle behaviour changes for executives, managerial staff and operational staff.
Gretchen has a unique and very natural style of presentation, which immediately captures the attention of her audience. Her knowledge of the subject is clearly that of a specialist and together with her skill as a presenter, results in a most professional presentation.

Candy Choo

CEO, LG Professionals WA
Candy Choo has been the Chief Executive Officer of Local Government Professionals WA since 2017.

In this time, Candy has transformed the Association into an innovative and progressive membership Association supporting local government officers through strong advocacy and representation, evidence-based research programs and member-centred training and development programs both online and in-person.
Candy is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of local government officers in the sector.
Prior to this role, Candy was a senior executive at Local Government Insurance Services (LGIS) in WA for seven years overseeing the portfolio of WA local government workers compensation program as well as all associated people risk prevention services.
Candy is a registered psychologist specialised in organisational psychology, engagement, culture and leadership development. She is also the Chair of the Cat Haven WA Board.

Garnet Gregory

Main Roads
Garnet Gregory has worked within MRWA for 31 years through various regions of WA and within private industry within the same discipline for 10 years.

He is the Regional Materials Manager for Main Roads WA in the Wheatbelt—based in Northam for the past eight years.
His knowledge covers all materials for road construction which includes soils, concrete, asphalt, bitumen binders, pavement stabilisation, construction and maintenance treatments.
Thursday 12 November 

Thursday 12 November 2020

8.00 am
Registration opens
8.30 am
Annual General Meeting—A working breakfast will be served in the Conference room for those attending the AGM.
9.30 am
KEYNOTE SPEAKER—Irene Burleigh, WA Super
Will you have enough to be able to retire comfortably?
10.30 am
Terry Melrose, Regional Men’s Health Initiative
Wellbeing in Challenging Times
11.00–12.00 pm
Extended Brunch Break – Outside
External Exhibitor Spruiker session.
12.00 pm
Paul Neilings, WesTrac
FitFleet Machinery Condition Monitoring
12.15 pm
Kevin Boult, CEA-DitchWitch
Green waste
12.30 pm
Jodi Aitken, Dial before you dig
Online AWARE Toolkit & Learning Management System (LMS)
12.45 pm
Nick Fox, Alcolizer
Alcohol and Other Drug Testing in the Workplace
1.00 pm
Mark Langford, BlackBox Control
What GPS tracking can do for you
1.15 pm
Adam Basten, Newground
Sd signal GSM Smart irrigation controller to manage your water budgets
1.30 pm
Vern Bastian, Metrocount
Monitoring traffic trends to simplify road maintenance and improve road safety in regional WA
2.00 pm
Closing remarks
Ken Markham, President, LGSA WA Inc


Irene Burleigh

Account Manager, WA Super
Irene Burleigh is a long term WA Super Employee with over fourteen years of service.

In her Account Manager’s role Irene delivers quality superannuation education to members via group seminars and individual sessions.
Irene has been a Certified Financial Planner and a member of the Financial Planning Association for almost 20 years and holds a Master’s Degree in Financial Planning.
Travelling is one of Irene’s pursuits. She has travelled extensively over the years and plans to continue this trend.

Terry Melrose

Community Educator, The Regional Men’s Health Initiative
Terry originates from Rockhampton in Central Queensland. He has worked in youth services and provided personal care and support within both a hospital and disability service setting before completing a BA of Social Work.

Terry travelled to Western Australia as part of his life adventure to pursue a Social Work role with the Department of Human Services which led to his involvement with the WA Pilot of Drought Reform.
Men’s holistic health and wellbeing and working in a regional setting has been an area of interest that has now become a reality for Terry who currently works as a Community Educator with The Regional Men’s Health Initiative.
This year's presenters will cover many fields of expertise and give insights on a wide range of topics.
You can also view/download the Program as a pdf.

Conference Convener

Please contact Jude Newberry at ObscureLGSAEmail or on 0414 996 431 for information about the Conference.
DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this website is correct at the time of publication. The Organising Committee and Host Organisation reserve the right to alter or delete items from the Conference. None shall be held liable for any cost or damage arising from any action based on the information herein.
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