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LGSA WA Inc Honourable Service Award

Local Government Works Officers and Local Shires are invited to submit nominations for the Association Honourable Service Award.

The Honourable Service Award is a significant public recognition and celebration of the outstanding achievements and lasting contribution made by Members of the LGSA WA Inc to their respective Councils, to the Local Government and to the wider community.
Awards will be presented to recipients, and their achievements celebrated with their peers at an awards ceremony held during the LGSA Conference and Exhibition be held in August each year, and advertised in the Access Magazine which is distributed throughout Australia.
Nominations can be made by completing the Nomination Form.

Award Categories

The four categories of awards are as follows:
Association Award
The Association Award recognises outstanding achievement and significant contribution by Members of the Association to the Local Government.
Available for nomination by Local Government Shires and LGSA Members.
Life Membership
Life Membership recognises the long and outstanding service of Officers to the Association.
Available for nomination by the Executive Committee and LGSA Members.
Long Service Award
This Honour recognises Members who have provided a long service of a high degree to Local Government Shires or as a Member of the Association for more than 10 years.
Available for nomination by Local Government Shires and LGSA Members.
Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award recognises Members who have provided distinguished service to the community through their Local Government.
Available for nomination by Local Government Shires and LGSA Members.

Honourable Service Award Nominations

We encourage nominators to provide as much relevant supporting information as possible, to demonstrate to the Panel that the Nominee addresses the Award criteria.
If you would like to nominate a colleague please download, complete the Nomination Form.
The Administration Officer must receive your application at least six (6) weeks prior to the Annual State Conference.
Please note: Nominations by Local Government Shires require the support of a Full Member of the Association.
More information on the Honourable Service Award can be found by viewing the documents:
Awards Panel—terms of reference
Policy on eligibility
The Administration Officer
L.G.S.A. of WA
‘Honourable Service Award’
PO Box 6643
East Perth WA 6004
Download a copy of the Nomination Form here.
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Tel: 0414 996 431

PO Box 6643
East Perth WA 6004