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The LGSA WA Inc Annual Scholarship

LGSA WA Inc has pleasure in announcing that it will again offer a Scholarship to a promising local government staff member to attend the Annual State Works and Parks Conference and Trade Exhibition, to be held at the Joondalup Resort, Connolly August 2019.

Applications are sought from both country and metropolitan shires.
The Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Manager Infrastructure or those in a similar management position are asked to promote these scholarships to members of their staff, and to nominate appropriate staff members prior to the closing date.

Please note: these scholarships are not open to current Supervisors or Managers.

Essential Criteria

  • The nominated person must be a current employee of local government (employed for at least six months).
  • The nominated person must show a genuine interest in continuing in local government.
  • The nominated person must show interest in progressing towards a leadership role within local government, including continuing professional development.
  • The applicant must be willing to make a short (15 minute) presentation at the Annual Conference on their chosen topic.

Other information, which will assist in the assessment of nominations:

  • Commitment to working within the community in a voluntary capacity or be actively involved in community activity such as coaching junior sport, involved with the P&C, senior citizens groups, community centre, sports club, environmental group, local hospital or similar.
  • The successful candidate will present a Case Study (short paper) on a topic of their choosing and of a general operational interest, at the Annual Conference as part of the program.

Please note:

  • A short outline of this presentation is required to support the application, although the topic may be altered prior to the program being printed.
  • The Scholarship covers the cost of registration to the 2019 Annual Conference and Exhibition, accommodation and meals, including the Conference Dinner.
  • The winner will also be announced on the LGSA website.
  • If no paper is presented at the Conference, either by the winner or a relevant, delegated presenter, the scholarship may be declared null and void and the LGSA must be reimbursed.

Scholarship Entries

Please return the completed forms and supporting documentation to the Administrative Officer by Friday 14 June 2019 for consideration by the Executive Committee.
The successful applicant will be notified by 19 July 2019.

Contact details

Jude Newberry
Email: ObscureLGSAEmail
Mobile: 0414 996 431
Download a copy of the Application Form here.
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Tel: 0414 996 431

PO Box 6643
East Perth WA 6004