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About us

The Association

The Local Government Supervisors Association of Western Australia is a non-profit association, providing member services, professional and personal development, and an Annual State Conference and Trade Exhibition for Supervisors, Works Officers and Member Councils in Western Australia.

LGSA members are from local authorities within the State and the varied backgrounds of our members ensure a high standard of care for all our Australian major assets, ensuring a healthy future for our transportation and public infrastructure.

Supervisory Officers oversee and are involved with the construction, development and maintenance of roads, drainage, reserves, reticulation, machinery and workshops, water management, waste and recycling.

Aims and objectives of LGSA

The LGSA aims to provide a central organisation of Supervisory Officers within Local Government to:
  • keep members informed about issues, techniques, new products, etc.
  • promote co-operation, mutual assistance and good friendship
  • provide training and scholarship opportunities
  • provide a strong foundation for continued maintenance and development of assets
  • provide course content for training programs
  • advise training institutions
  • foster inter-relations with other Associations
  • maintain and conduct itself as a non-political, non-industrial, non-profit organisation.

Find out about LGSA Membership

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Tel: 0414 996 431

PO Box 6643
East Perth WA 6004