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Benefits of Membership

  • Opportunities to gain a wider knowledge and improve skills
  • Networking within the industry and with colleagues at Conferences and Regional seminars
  • Training
  • Scholarships
  • Professional and career development
  • Access to technical information
  • Becoming part of a nationally recognised development body
  • Conferences Seminars and Meetings
  • Social and miscellaneous benefits

We look forward to your participation via membership, helping to guide your career through a demanding future of change and development.

With the valued support of corporate members, we continue to build our knowledge base of construction and maintenance techniques, products and services that ensure 'Best Value' and sustainable Asset management and development.

If you are ready to take a leading role in your future and the future of Australia, please ... join us now!

Membership is available for those working in a supervisory capacity in Local Government and for corporations who regularly supply products and services to Local Government. See Membership Types for more details.

Apply for Membership today

Full Membership

$75.00 + GST

Retired Membership

$5.50 incl. GST

Associate Membership

$38.50 incl. GST

Corporate Membership

$220.00 incl. GST
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Tel: 0414 996 431

PO Box 6643
East Perth WA 6004