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19th Annual State Conference
WA Works and Parks
Annual State Conference

Thursday 11 and Friday 12 August 2016
Sanctuary Golf Resort • Bunbury • Western Australia
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Guest presenter Kim Hughes

Former cricketer and Captain of the Australian cricket team
Kimberley John Hughes is a former cricketer who played for Western Australia, Natal and Australia.
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He captained Australia in 28 Tests between 1979 and 1984 before captaining a "rebel" Australian team in a tour of South Africa. A right-handed batsman, Hughes was seen to possess an orthodox and attractive batting style. He was identified as a potential Test cricketer from an early age, but his impetuous style of batting saw a later introduction to first-class and Test cricket than anticipated. Hughes' captaincy record with Australia was hindered by a succession of matches away from home (just seven of his 28 Tests while captain were played in Australia). He finished his career playing cricket in South Africa. After his playing career Hughes for a time acted as the chairman of selectors for the Western Australian Cricket Association and is an occasional commentator for ABC Radio's cricket coverage.

Margaret Hemsley

Principal Consultant, LG People and RiskID
I am working freelance in my own consultancy, specialising in Professional and Organisational Development.
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My focus is on taking a risk management approach to identifying and addressing staff issues or gaps in skills and knowledge in individuals or Organisation's experiencing significant change or structural reform. Professional development services include consulting, facilitation, training and mentoring. Organisational services include enterprise risk management culture building, risk management systems and processes, strategic planning, workforce planning and organisational restructuring.

David Seagreen

Director, Nutrian Liquid Fertiliser
Nutrian’s owner, Dave Seagreen, has strong connections with the land, having grown up within a farming community in Southern Africa.
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In Dave’s words ‘As a Chemical Engineer, also having studied soil chemistry and plant nutrition, I always felt a strong need to develop and supply better fertiliser choices for farmers. ‘It is important to offer cost effective, superior products that really perform. This becomes even more important with escalating costs and the need to maximise yields.’

Dave brings to Australia 20 years of extensive experience in liquid fertilisers, having consulted to liquid fertiliser specialist companies throughout Africa, Europe, USA and Canada, and is excited to be able to bring innovative nutritional options to the market in Australia. Passionate about crop nutrition, he stresses, ‘It is even more crucial where soil quality is poor that we utilise the very best that liquid fertiliser has to offer’. Nutrian’s fertilisers are developed with an understanding of the farmer’s needs and Australian conditions for optimal performance and to offer maximum nutrition to the crop at essential stages of development.

Cassie Gurman

Heavy Vehicle Services Team, Main Roads
Cassie commenced her career with Heavy Vehicle Services in 2008 working in operational areas.
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Currently Cassie is working within the Heavy Vehicle Services Branch (Permits, Notices, Traffic Escorts, Helpdesk, Route Assessments) and is one of the Team Leaders.
Cassie continually works towards “Keeping WA Moving” within a safe environment.

Jane MacLennan

Heavy Vehicle Services Team, Main Roads
Jane commenced her career with Heavy Vehicle Services in 2000 and has held a variety of key operational and customer facing roles.
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Currently Jane is working within the Heavy Vehicle Services Branch (Permits, Help Desk, Traffic Escorts and Route Assessments) and is one of the Branches senior route assessment officers. Jane has taken a lead role in ensuring that the WA transport industry experiences increased productivity through its Restricted Access Vehicle Networks whilst, ensuring safety and network sustainability remain paramount.

Gregory Priest

Project Manager, Policy and Strategy, Josh Byrne & Associates
Gregory was born and raised in country Western Australia where he developed a strong awareness of the surrounding environment influencing his decision to undertake studies in Environmental Science.
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He holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Environmental Science, with a focus in water management. A keen interest in environmental policy and strategy saw Gregory spend five years working across a range of Commonwealth and State Government portfolios, working primarily in the fields of sustainability policy development and program delivery. Gregory spent his early working years in research and development and has a long history of working with the JBA before returning to WA.

Gary Wilmot

Life changing journey
At the age of 42 I was unhappy, overweight, had a lifetime of smoking, drinking and not exercising behind me. I felt as though I would be a heart attack statistic within the next 2 years.
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I decided to do something about it, and set a goal to become fit enough to complete a marathon, which I did 18 months later. The impact on my health, mindset and general zest for life was magical and I decided I needed to show people that anyone could and should feel this good, if they just make a decision to live the life they want. Last year I walked and ran across Australia, 5400km from Perth to Brisbane – fundraising for the Heart Foundation (I am one of their ambassadors, and winner of the President’s Award last year). On the back of that I am no developing Hearts Across Australia further, in partnership with the Heart Foundation, focused on using running and walking activities to raise awareness and to raise funds for Automated External Defibrillators (as part of the Community First Responder program)

Robbie Figg

Corporate Challenge
Robbie gained a degree in Marketing and the Media.
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He facilitated and managed national sport programs for children for 10 years. A strong love for all things communication and team based, he brings this enthusiasm to every stage of an event.

James Sheridan

Manager of Risk & Governance, LGIS
For over 15 years, James has been successfully implementing and integrating risk management practices into Local Governments, State Agencies, Not for Profits and Small-Medium Enterprises.
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James is currently the Manager of Risk and Governance Services at LGIS and leads a multi-disciplinary team of governance, risk and safety specialists who deliver practical solutions on a wide and varied range of risk areas to WA Local Government. James has a Bachelor of Business and a Masters in Risk Management, is a Member of the Risk Management Institution Australasia and is also a Board Member of Royal Life Saving Society WA

David Perich

Manager Stakeholder Relations, The Roads Foundation
Lauren and David from The ROADS Foundation will facilitate an interactive session on making the most of your future workforce.
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David has worked in a number of community organisations and start-ups across a number stakeholder focused roles for the past 5 years. His Experience includes partnership development, youth at-risk program design, disability employment services and business development.

Lauren Mathison

Coordinator Training Support Services, The Roads Foundation
Lauren and David from The ROADS Foundation will facilitate an interactive session on making the most of your future workforce.
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Lauren has worked around Australia for a number of Tier 1 Engineering and Construction companies in various human resources roles over the past 12 years. Her experience includes learning and development, people capability assessment, HR management, trainee, apprentice and graduate program development and management.

Christopher Barrett

Construction Technology Application Specialist, Global Construction & Infrastructure
Chris Barrett is Caterpillar’s Construction Technology Application Specialist for the ANZ region.
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His responsibilities include developing, training & marketing Caterpillar’s integrated and off board construction machine technology such as telematics and machine control & guidance. Chris has a long association with heavy machinery and technology, having grown up in a family earthmoving business, he has completed a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Diploma of Engineering Technology as well as being a qualified heavy mobile plant mechanic. Chris has extensive knowledge in fleet management and productivity monitoring utilizing telematics and machine control to improve efficiency and safety on the jobsite.

Brett Mottolini

Fulton Hogan
Brett Mottolini is Fulton Hogan’s Sales and Marketing Manager.
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He has been in this position for the past 5 years, prior to that he 8+ years working in an operation environment as Spray Seal Manager and Project Manager within the road surfacing industry of Western Australia.

Trevor Strachan

Golf Course Superintendent, Director Nutrient Pty Ltd
Trevor Strachan has been in the turf industry for 41 yrs. and has an Advance Diploma in Horticulture (Turf).
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He has work at a number of courses in Western Australia. Has constructed 3 course where he projected managed and grow-in. these being such course as The Vines Resort, Kennedy Bay and The cut. He has numerous golf tournaments such as The Vines Classic, Heineken Classic, Johnny Walker Classic and Perth International which are co sanction with the European Tour.
Trevor’s knowledge of fine turf management is second to none and is renowned as one of Australia’s finest Golf Course Superintendents.

Gretchen Lumsden R.N. Dip. Educ.

Institute of Weight and Life management
Gretchen has 30 years experience in the health industry, her sessions are entertaining, lively and packed with powerful information to save lives and ensure a healthy workforce.
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Since healthy workers are productive workers, Gretchen’s sessions are essential now when we are required to work harder and be more productive. Gretchen is in demand across Australia achieving remarkable health and lifestyle behaviour changes for executives, managerial staff and operational staff.
“Gretchen has a unique and very natural style of presentation which immediately captures the attention of her audience. Her knowledge of the subject is clearly that of a specialist and together with her skill as a presenter, results in a most professional presentation. Gretchen’s presentation was without doubt the highlight of the conference and I know it will remain memorable to those fortunate to have experienced it”

David Willcox

Director, Nutrian Common Ground Trails
Trail Planning - Design - Construction
Wearer of many hats, David Willcox has a broad and somewhat abnormal background in marketing, design, planning, development and tourism.
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Since finishing his degree he has sometimes dabbled and sometimes excelled in the Web Development, Graphic Design, Film, Photography Fashion, Architecture and Trails industries. Usually learning through osmosis, and typically by surrounding himself with people more smarterer than himself, he has played a vital role in major tourism, commercial and public developments all over Western Australia. David has sat on every perceivable three dimensional side of the Mountain Bike trails fence including as consumer, volunteer, designer, builder, developer and committee member. In reality, no one really knows what this guy does, but he always seems busy.

Siva Thillainath

Technical Advisor, Western Stabilisers
Siva graduated from UWA with a Bachelor of Engineering in 1985 and commenced work with Main Roads at the JJG Punch Materials Engineering Branch (MEB).
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During his two years at MEB, projects included the analysis of numerous significant pavement failures to logging and analysing the settlement and movement of the soft muds beneath the northern embankment of the proposed Redcliffe Bridge on Tonkin Highway. A notable project in January 1989 involved the cement stabilisation of 2 km of South Coast Highway at Ravensthorpe. This was the beginning of three years of involvement in various soil stabilisation projects within the Albany Region and an intimate understanding of what could be achieved with soils that were often considered unsuitable for pavement construction. Siva established Stabilisation Technology Pty Ltd to provide engineering services to Western Stabilisers, carryout research on the use of various additives and further the development of specialised soil stabilisation equipment and techniques to expand the use of soil stabilisation in WA.

Conference Convener

Please contact Jude Newberry at ObscureLGSAEmail or on 0414 996 431 for information about the 2016 Conference.
DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this website is correct at the time of publication. The Organising Committee and Host Organisation reserve the right to alter or delete items from the Conference. None shall be held liable for any cost or damage arising from any action based on the information herein.
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