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Program Outline

The Program is in development. More information coming soon. See the Presenters here.
Thursday 10 August 

Thursday 10th August 2017

8.30 am
Official Opening and Welcome
The Honorable Lord Mayor of Bunbury Gary Brennan
8.40 am
Special Presentation – all encouraged to attend
8.45 am
Vivek Bhat, GrowSafe
Lets keep our parks and ovals safer and healthier
9.15 am
Scott Herbert, Replas
Turning Waste into a resource
9.45 am
Mark Iriks, Managing Director, EasiFleet, and Sam Kulenovic, Fleet Operations, EasiFleet
Vehicle leasing and fleet management
10.15–11 am
Extended Morning tea to enable you to visit the Exhibition area
11.00 am
Gretchen Lumsden, Institute of Weight and Life management
Important ways for a healthy longevity and good sex life.

You can also see Gretchen at our blood pressure station in the foyer.
12.00 pm
Andy Rowlands and Fiona Sargent, Main Roads
Approved signs for intersections and gravel roads
12.30 pm
Peter Lyndon-James, Shalom House
Drugs in the workplace
1.00 –2.00 pm
Lunch with the Exhibitors—kindly sponsored by Daimler Trucks
Take your lunch and visit the Exhibition stands.
2.00 pm
Robbie Figg, State Manager, Corporate Challenge Team Building
The Negotiator challenge
2.45 pm
Brendan Scott, Adelaide University, Lecturer, Geo Engineering
Gravel Road Building – Myth v Science. (Sponsored by Broons)
3.30–4.30 pm
External Exhibitor visits – Spruiker – drinks supplied outside only – no drinks available at bar.
6.30 pm
Pre dinner drinks in the Lobby area.
Dinner will commence 7.00pm
Dress code: Men: collared shirt, Ladies: cocktail attire.
Friday 11 August 

Friday 11th August 2017

8.15 am
Annual General Meeting—All members and non-members welcome.
Buffet breakfast will be provided for those attending.
9.15 am
Kate Joyce, AusQ Training (RTO52361)
Traffic Management Training – 7 Tips to Save Time and Costs
9.45 am
Nicky Smith, Road Safety Advisor, Road Wise Bunbury
Speed and Fatigue
10.15 am
Reza Najafzadeh, City of Kwinana
The Adventure Park, Kwinana – Design, construction and project management
10.45 am
Morning Tea in the Exhibition Area
11.15 am
Mathew Gannaway, Manager Clearing Regulation, Department of Water and Environment
Managing native vegetation within road reserves and clearing gravel from farmers’ paddocks
11.45 am
Sabrina Hahn
Importance of green spaces for happiness
12.45 pm
Closing remarks
Arthur Cousins, President, LGSA WA Inc

Conference Convener

Please contact Jude Newberry at ObscureLGSAEmail or on 0414 996 431 for information about the Conference.
DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this website is correct at the time of publication. The Organising Committee and Host Organisation reserve the right to alter or delete items from the Conference. None shall be held liable for any cost or damage arising from any action based on the information herein.
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Tel: 0414 996 431

PO Box 6643
East Perth WA 6004