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Dr Vivek Bhat

Researcher and agronomic consultant
A professional researcher and agronomic consultant in the local primary industries since 2004, currently enjoys providing professional advice to farmers in Oyster Harbor and Wilson Inlet Catchments in Great Southern region through his advisory role in DoW’s Royalties for Regions funded RIP (Regional Estuaries Improvement Program).
With his deeper exposure to the soil beneficial microbes and extensive studies in the Soil Food Web interactions, Vivek is a great admirer of good bugs and their relentless activities in soil, plant, animal and human nutrition besides believing in their greater say in the wellbeing of all of us.
Before taking up this role of Senior Technical Advisor with AMF, he worked with DPIF NT as an Industry Development Officer running various projects like: CSIRO table grapes varietal evaluation, RIRDC project on edible dates, MRL field trails for pesticides in preparation for minor use permit grant from APVMA, VET programs—all of which were assisting the socio-economic development of Central Australia. Meanwhile, in the transition he had a short but sweet stay with the Kojonup based Southern DIRT (growers’ group) on the Project Officer role, contributing to the various on-farm demonstration trials.

Prior to moving to the Territory, he had a wonderful innings with DAFWA working on various projects: field evaluation trial on GM cotton (Kununurra), cover crop management in vineyards (WA part of GWRDC Project on Wine grapes), soil carbon benchmarking (DAFF+ UWA+ DAFWA collaborative project) and an HAL funded post-harvest project on strawberries in Great Southern region. As a Research Officer based in Albany, he had the best opportunity to identify the weaker links in the supply chain of strawberries.

More than all, the most critical and satisfying period of his professional life was when he had the opportunity of working with Adelaide based LawrieCo-Biological Farming company. That’s when he loved assisting several local farming businesses by extending variety of biological and conventional farming techniques and products covering pretty much all aspects of soil and plant nutrition, IPM programs, and organic certification processes on top of providing regular monitoring services to several bigger operations.

Based in Albany, Vivek intends to continue serving the farming, horticulture and all those communities that are involved in soil and plant nutrition, translating his expertise and experience in extending the Grow Safe® programs to ensure safer food production, and healthy environment, while balancing his work and family life.

Scott Herbert

State Manager, LGSA Committee member, Auskick coach
Scott has spent the last 15 years of his life building the Replas brand throughout the state.
His love of socialising lends itself perfectly to his role as WA State Manager.
He has a horrible golf swing and is happy to chat with anyone.

Mark Iriks

Managing Director , EasiFleet
Mark Iriks is the founding managing director of the easifleet Group, a national organisation who’s focus is in the expanding salary packaging, fleet management and vehicle leasing space. Mark has held this position since 1991.
Mark believes that most businesses commence with the hard work, dedication and commitment of its founding individuals however corporate success and business longevity can only happen by building, incentivising and empowering a competent management team and then training, rewarding and looking after the whole workforce.
Mark has variously run for both state and federal politics, has served as a local government councillor and has enjoyed success in public speaking.

Mark is a co-founder and director of FIOA (The Future Institute of Australia) with his interest firmly focused on business and developing individuals to become leaders.

Mark’s current focus is on taking the easifleet group to IPO, developing a property portfolio, keeping fit and mentoring in focus and leadership.

Sam Kulenovic

Fleet Operations Manager, easiFleet
Sam Kulenovic is highly experienced in transport and fleet management industry and until recently, performed for over a decade in the role of Senior Transport and Fleet Services Manager for Activ, WA’s largest disability service provider to both adults and children.
Whilst with Activ, Sam managed the largest transport contract to the Public Transport Authority together with leading operations for a largest disability fleet in the state. In the last 10 years his fleet experience saw him transparently sharing his knowledge and expertise with his peers to help and improve Activ’s fleet operations.

He has extensive knowledge of fleet operations and management, automotive industry and dealership operations.

This year Sam was appointed Fleet Operations Manager at easifleet, his considerable hands on experience in the industry and operational know how, is a significant value add for easifleet customers.

Gretchen Lumsden R.N. Dip. Educ.

Institute of Weight and Life management
Gretchen has 30 years experience in the health industry, her sessions are entertaining, lively and packed with powerful information to save lives and ensure a healthy workforce.
Since healthy workers are productive workers, Gretchen’s sessions are essential now when we are required to work harder and be more productive. Gretchen is in demand across Australia achieving remarkable health and lifestyle behaviour changes for executives, managerial staff and operational staff.

Gretchen has a unique and very natural style of presentation, which immediately captures the attention of her audience. Her knowledge of the subject is clearly that of a specialist and together with her skill as a presenter, results in a most professional presentation.

Andy Rowlands

Traffic Services Officer, Main Roads WA, Metropolitan and South West Region
Andy’s role as Traffic Services Officer involves providing advice and service for the approval of requests for regulatory signs and lines from LGA’s and developers, speed zoning assessments, acceptance of traffic management plans for roadworks and events on main roads, assessment of new RAV routes, fatal and serious crash investigation also road safety auditing.

Fiona Sargent

Acting Customer Services Officer, Main Roads WA, Metropolitan and South West Region
Fiona is currently working as Customer Services Manager handling all enquiries from stakeholders on behalf of the region.
Further, Fiona manages private sign applications, approval of traffic management plans for roadworks and events, provides vital traffic data information, addresses ministerial and media enquiries and road safety audits.

Peter Lyndon-James

Founder and CEO, Shalom House
Peter is the Founder and CEO of Shalom House, a rehabilitation centre which assists men in their efforts to transition from a drug-taking lifestyle.
In and out of institutions and prisons since the age of nine, Peter has faced a life of crime and drug addiction. But after a life-changing experience, Peter broke free from drugs and has been on a mission to save others who find themselves trapped by addiction ever since.

After working as a Prison Chaplain, Peter opened Shalom House in 2012. His intention was to mentor, teach and guide men who battle with any life-controlling issue.

Today, Shalom House has 120 residents and 50 staff, including counsellors, chaplains, administrators and co-ordinators. There is also an army of volunteers helping to keep facility running. It receives no Government support or grants and Peter is a full-time volunteer as the CEO of Shalom House. Peter’s wife Amanda runs a landscaping business to support the family financially.

Peter became a full-time volunteer to his cause, giving every waking hour to developing this program and helping to restore the lives of men and their families.

Robbie Figg

State Manager, Corporate Challenge Team Building
Robbie is one of Western Australia’s emerging young business professionals and you can see why when he delivers your event.

With a focus on giving our WA clients and staff an experience to remember, he has already developed a reputation as a powerful and engaging presenter and facilitator. Robbie has a Bachelor of Marketing and Media and more than 10 years’ experience in coaching and managing a children’s sports program.
In 2016 Robbie was a winner of Nifnex Influential 100 award in WA.

Brendan Scott

Lecturer, School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering, The University of Adelaide
Commencing his working career in the private sector, Brendan Scott is an Adelaide University Honours lecturer at the School of Civil, Environment & Mining Engineering and he’s currently wrapping up a PHD on Rolling Dynamic Compaction.
With a hands-on approach in the field, Brendan is at the forefront of understanding soil compaction, teaching students in the science of ground improvement.

Brendan will be debunking urban myth and putting science into practice leaving you with some valuable tips that you can put into practice at your local council. The floor will be open to all, with a special focus on the compaction of problematic materials.

With an ancestral heritage around Busselton, Brendan will almost certainly adopt himself as a native of the West.

Kate Joyce

Senior Training Administrator, AusQ Training
Kate Joyce is one of the Senior Training Administrators of AusQ Training, a registered training organisation specialising in traffic management training across WA. 
Kate has been a part of the AusQ Training team for nearly 5 years and facilitates the administration for all training course types from basic through to advanced and is the only RTO currently approved by Main Roads WA to deliver all levels of the Main Roads WA accreditations.  Kate will share various strategies to help make organising traffic management training easier including saving costs.

Nicky Smith

Road Safety Advisor, RoadWise Bunbury
Nicky joined the WALGA RoadWise Program in March 2017.
Nicky has a Bachelor of Social Science (Human Services) and extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector in community development, health promotion and management.
Nicky’s career has been based in Bunbury and the South West region.

Reza Najafzadeh

Manager of Engineering Services, City of Kwinana
Reza Najafzadeh is a civil engineer with around 30 years’ professional work experience, of which 14 years have been with various Local Governments in WA.
Reza has worked in the City of Kwinana as the Manager of Engineering Services since 2008. He leads a team that is responsible for design, construction and maintenance of the City’s civil infrastructure and parks. This also includes project management of all civil infrastructure and landscaping capital projects.

Mathew Gannaway

Manager Clearing Regulation, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
Mr Mathew Gannaway, Manager Clearing Regulation, from Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, has extensive experience in botanical and ecological studies throughout Western Australia.

Sabrina Hahn

Sabrina Hahn is a whole lot of hort with heart – master gardener, storyteller of note, qualified horticulturalist with a passion for the creation of sustainable environments that bring life back into cities and rural areas.

Her mantra is to encourage others to take on a caretaker role within their own back yards so that future generations have access to a healthy planet.
An obsessive gardener, she started landscaping at the age of four: stripping flowers and foliage from her grandmother’s yard, creating magical miniature gardens all in her Nan’s baking trays. Since then, Sabrina has shared her passion and knowledge with folks all around the world, inspiring them to create meaningful connections with nature through sustainable gardening practices.

Sabrina has shared her stories and passion for green spaces on ABC radio for over 25 years, being one of the earliest pioneers to promote sustainable gardening practices in the media. She is a highly entertaining public speaker, and MC, she writes a twice-weekly gardening column in The West Australian, and also contributes articles for Gardening Australia and Organic Gardener.

Her extensive knowledge on gardening comes from a scientific background of horticulture, soil science, entomology and botany. Sabrina has been awarded a lifetime membership from the Nursery and Garden Industry of Western Australia, and nominated for Australian of the Year for her services to the industry.

Sabrina has worked extensively for the past decade in remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley developing edible gardens so that Aboriginal people have greater access to healthy food and become more sustainable. She believes the availability of healthy, fresh food will have a positive impact on the health of children in remote areas where fresh vegetables are a luxury. She has formed friendships with women elders in communities to enable them to propagate their own bush tucker and bush medicine plants so that their knowledge is passed on the next generation.

Sabrina is also a published author with three books under her belt – Sabrina’s Little ABC Book of Gardening, Sabrina’s Juicy Little Book of Citrus and Dirty Deeds.

Conference Convener

Please contact Jude Newberry at ObscureLGSAEmail or on 0414 996 431 for information about the Conference.
DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this website is correct at the time of publication. The Organising Committee and Host Organisation reserve the right to alter or delete items from the Conference. None shall be held liable for any cost or damage arising from any action based on the information herein.
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